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Grimm – Fan to Hoop Extravaganza!!!

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Khan Wong 6:48 PM, Aug. 6th

dude you have to check out grimm’s new video asap! seriously awesome stuff

Khan.. well put my brother. Holy crap this video just keeps going. Grimm is the most amazing fire fan spinner I’ve ever seen and apparently a bad ass mini hooper too. This is one of the most exciting hooping video I’ve seen in a long time. There are so many new concepts and new ways to move. I need to quit typing and go play with my minis.


Movement play 2009 – Chris Williams performs double fire staff

Chris is one of my best friends, maybe more like a brother. He introduced Lauren and I to spinning and actually reintroduced us to the outdoors. I’d also say the reason I’ve tried to incorporate so much tech stuff into my hooping was because for the first year I hooped, Chris was there nearly every time I hooped throwin down beautiful dance with sick technical moves. Lauren thinks when I’m at my best I move a little like Chris and I’d say that’s probably true. This performance was perfect!

I’ve rarely seen a staff of poi performer who incorporated so many technical moves while making it accessible for the audience. You often see high brow tech spinners who spin for other spinners, or dumbed down spinning for the audience. It’s a thing of beauty when someone can do both and my highest aspiration.

Bay Area National Dance Week – Fire Expo

Josh Parker aka Bosendorfer Vandersloot spinning firehoop at the Temple of Poi Fire Expo in Union Square. Photograph by David Yu.

This was an amazing event. I saw some of the best fire performance I have ever seen. I could go on for hours. The level of technical and performance skill that some of these individuals have reached is astonishing. I owe a huge thanks to Isa “Glittergirl” Isaacs.

The line-up:
7:50 Emcees:Matt Freedman & Miss Rosie
7:52 Nick Griffin (LA, Temple of Poi)
7:57 Yuta (Japan)
8:01 Ms. Jamie Luv (SF)
8:04 Supreme Beings of Fire (Temple)
8:09 Insphereation (Sweden)
8:13 Vulcan Crew (Oakland)
8:17 Dai (Japan)
8:21 FireFlyGirlz (Temple of Poi)
8:25 Memory & Pi (Marin)
8:29 Cirque d’Optique (Philadelphia)
8:37 Vatra (SF)
8:41 Divine Light (Temple of Poi)
8:46 Nevisoul (Sweden) & Alien Jon (Seattle)
8:53 Manda Lights (France)
9:01 Plenty (SF)
9:05 Dark Side of the Rainbow (Temple)
9:09 Bliss Butterfly (Oakland)
9:14 Rovo and Corey (Albany NY)
9:20 Cyrille (France)
9:25 MCP (Scotland)
9:29 Isopop (San Louis Obispo)
9:33 GlitterGirl (SF)
9:37 Grimm (Cincinnati)
9:41 Banyan (Chicago)
9:46 Poki (Oakland)

Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo – Josh Parker

Josh’s profile went up for the Temple of Poi Fire Expo show that we’re doing in just two short weeks!

As we continue with our artist profiles Josh Parker, artist performing in Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo for the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year Anniversary, we spotlight Josh Parker, who will be performing with Isopop.

Continue reading on Temple of Poi

Wow. Just found this video. Shredder set the bar damn high at the 2007 show. Now I have a few butterfly’s just thinking about our performance. We’ll kill it. No worries : )

Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo

So more on this later but I’m slowly shifting into more of a performance role with my hooping. I’ve been hooping intensely for two years and I have yet to do a performance. My first will be the Spinagogue Variety Show. My second performance will be the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dance Expo.

I know I have the technical skills and the performer in me is growing. Josh and I are practicing a lot right now (two or three 2 hr practices per week). Essentially I need to polish what I’m already doing into a stage worthy fire piece. That is more than just a little bit intimidating given the company we will be sharing the stage with. Some of my favorite spinners are performing and it is an honor to be able to participate in this event.

What: Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year Anniversary of Temple of Poi
Where: Union Square (Geary and Post)
When: April 25, 2009 at 7:50 pm
Cost: Free!!

Bring a chair and a blanket and join us April 25, 2007 at 7:50 pm for our free fire dancing show in San Francisco’s legendary Union Square (Geary and Post) for the fourth annual Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo.

This year’s show is a veritable who’s who of internationally renowned fire dancing performers hailing from 3 continents including:

* Banyan (Chicago)
* Cyrille (France)
* Dai (Japan)
* Fluid Luminescence [Plenty & 10 Feathers] (San Francisco)
* GlitterGirl (San Francisco)
* Grimm and His Babies (Cincinnati)
* Cirq d’ Optiq [ICoN & Jen] (Philadelphia)
* Isopop [Rich & Josh] (San Luis Obispo)
* Lena & Pi (California)
* Manda Lights [Forka, Ima, Maelle & Meast] (France)
* MCP (Scotland)
* Mireneye (Sweeden)
* Poki (Oakland)
* Nevisoul (Sweeden) & Alien Jon (Los Angeles)
* Sparkaluscious (San Francisco)
* Vatra (San Francisco)
* Vulcan Crew [Krissy & Jordan] (Oakland)
* Yuta (Japan)

For addtional information please visit the Temple of Poi blog.