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Palmer Tricycle – Peerless 800 series Transmission

Since the motor is broken and a replacement is very pricey, I’m investigating switching to a new motor, controller etc.

The first question I’m running into is whether I still need the Peerless transaxle transmission model 180B118. I think it’s a Peerless 800 Series. Here’s an exploded Transmission diagram and part list that I received from palmer. Peerless

From my limited understanding, there’s not much need for a transmission with modern motor systems. that said, it’s not necessarily a liability. It is added weight and there’s probably a little power loss running it through the transmission.

For the technically-minded bidder, the Forward-shift gear ratios are: 1st) 4.55:1; 2nd) 1.50:1; 3rd) 1:00:1; 4th) 0.79:1; and 5th) 0.61:1. Input pinion ratio is 2.54:1, final-drive/differential ratio is 8.02:1, and Reverse is 2.00:1. Other gear ratios are available for this transaxle — I can change ratios or convert this to a close-ratio transaxle, if you need it.

The last resource I’ve found on the Peerless transmission is a manual. Here’s the transmission manual.

Rebuilding our Palmer Twosome

Beth and I have taken on rebuilding a Palmer Twosome scooter. We found it on craigslist accidentally while searching for a tricycle for Burning Man.

I’m just gonna launch right into parts, pieces and what we’re doing.

We disassembled everything, sandblasted every part, and have been powder coating everything, piece-by-piece. I just tried pulling the power cables off the motor and the rusted nut broke something on the inside. Now I’ve pulled the motor apart and discovered a broken piece on the inside. There is a small square washer that snapped into pieces. It ripped the wires loose too.

The big question now is whether I try and fix this motor or replace it. Our Palmer scooter is 27 years old. Part of me would like to restore it to original, just fixed up, like an old car. Unfortunately the electronics are antiquated now. I would have a much easier time replacing the electronics with a modern controller, batteries, and throttle. That’s a heavy investment though. The batteries are the most expensive part of the puzzle. This is getting expensive. The old motor and electronics are much more complicated than a modern controller system. The pieces are expensive and the result is a slow scooter. For a $500 upgrade, our scooter could probably double in speed.

Luna is a badass.

Beautifully done. The hooping is pristine and the video is gorgeous. I couldn’t ask for a whole lot more in a hooping video.

Live Rising Appalachia-studio recording 2012


Hooping Idol – Video recording tips

Some of the first round submission for Hooping Idol 2 look top notch and some look sub par. I feel like I’m going to wind up being the production quality critic throughout the competition so I’d like to express some expectations. Putting a video in this competition suggests that you want people to watch your video. If you want someone to watch your video, it’s appreciated when it seems like you put some effort into making it look good! More people will watch and more people will enjoy it!

We’re all so used to watching HD video nowadays that poor resolution video stands out like a sore thumb. Even the cheapest cameras you can buy today will shoot at 720p. For a video submission competition, that’s pretty much the minimum acceptable quality. Anything less than that will leave your video looking inferior. That said, much higher than that doesn’t add much. Also, if possible shoot at 30 fps. That’s ideal for the internet.

Youtube is now in wide format, as are most video cameras. If your video isn’t in 16:9 format, we’re all watching black bars on the side of the screen. And please please please… don’t shoot your video in portrait. A vertical image leaves me looking at two thirds blank screen. Boring.

Tripod! Shaky video is hard to watch and unsettling. A tripod is easy! If you need the camera to move, try using a tripod with only one leg extended. You can then pivot the camera off that point, allowing the camera to move, and the tripod helps greatly at stabilizing the shot. Another trick I’ll often use is to attach a tripod even though I’m not using it. The extra mass helps keep the camera from shaking.

Last, listen to your video once throughout. How is the mix? Is your music louder than your voice during a portion where words are important? Here’s a personal pet peave: Blank audio. There should be some sort of audio throughout the video, even if it’s just white noise. Here’s an invaluable tool I found making Hoop technique: if you have voiceover or a speaking portion, try running the audio through Levelator. It’s free, takes only seconds and really helps the audio quality.

Failing these simple things make a video hard to compare to the videos that succeed at these simple steps.

the Official Dudes of Hooping Calendar

Help build the SpinCycle by purchasing The Official Dudes of Hooping Calendar.

Two ways to contribute:

  1. Donate.
  2. Buy a calendar!

Presale has now started!  Calendars will be shipping in early June.

Thank you to all the contributors helping make the first DOH calendar happen! All procedes go to funding the SpinCycle.


We would love for you to resell the calendar. Purchase a dozen or more and get a $10/calendar discount. For resale purchases go here.

About the fundraiser

Every year Spin Cycle builds the one of the largest shaded spaces on the playa and dedicates that space to hooping and music. It’s a massive undertaking for the hooping community and we spend about $10,000 to make it happen. That’s been funded primarily through camp dues and by camp organizers. In addition to the expenses we incur each year, we bring nearly $30,000 of equipment to the playa, most is volunteered personal property of our team. For the first time we’re asking the community for support in order to provide a more sustainable energy supply for the music that fuels this hooping space.

Our greatest need is power; we’ve exceded our generator capacity. Sound systems draw a lot of energy and the amount or power used fluctuates quickly, presenting a unique challenge for a generator. Large sound camps run multi kilowatt diesel trailers to power them. Day and night we play music for the hoopers and running a generator is loud, expensive, and creates pollution. Rather than increase our investment in gasoline powered electricity, we’re shifting to a solar power system.

Solar systems are expensive. We’re currently working with a solar expert to design a mobile solar system that is modular. Our hope is to purchase part of the system this year to supplement our existing generator, and complete the system next year. The total system cost is looking to run somewhere between $8000 & $10,0000 and about $6000 of that needs purchased this year. (We’ll have detailed specifications being completed right now and will have that info soon.)

We’re planning on raising this in two ways: soliciting donations and “The Official Dudes of Hooping Calendar.”

More Info on the Calendar coming Soon!
We’ve already signed up an amazing line up of male hoopers to get this thing rolling! More info coming soon!

When not on the playa, we’re expecting this solar system to be powering other festivals throughout California. Any procedes generated will be reinvested in the Spin Cycle and our events for hoopers at Burning Man.

Donate to Spin Cycle Solar

Awww snap. Occupy the Wall Plane. Noeltech#38.

Wow. Several double hoops moves I’ve never seen before in this one.

Tropo live

Kony 2012 – Soundtrack to a movement.

An interesting aspect of this a dramatic and effective action campaign action is ability to hit right at the heart of so many people, particularly young people who are donating in small increments to make this happen.

This video is strikingly well done. Music is one of the ways videos grab us immediately. I knew I recognized the back ground track “I can’t Stop” but was so focused on the video it faded into the background as it’s supposed to. The track did add to my amped up, “Let’s do this”, fists pumping in the air feeling. I just looked up the track. It’s from one of my favorite dubstep artists, Flux Pavilion. I’ve used his tracks in workshops and posted them here on isopop in the past. I love hooping to Flux Pavilion because he really drops the beat grimey given me that jaw clenching pumped up energy.

Here’s the track from Kony 2012 video:

I think the music adds to the resonance this is having. I just watched a news clip from NBC and heard The Glitch Mob playing in the background.

Also, the Kony 2012 video featured a tracks by Mumford and Sons.

On a side note…

All the criticism about only a 3rd of their budget providing direct aid… I challenge the critics to find a budget that was as affective at getting the message out. I think their budget is dollar-for-dollar by far the most cost efective solution one could imagine. Well done.