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“The Meaning of Flow” (Richard Hartnell) – Flow Toys

A friend from the Vulcan just posted this the other day for a contest for FlowToys. This is really well said.

Hoop Technique Sneak Peak

Hoop Technique Sneak Peek- Spiral Demo from Rich Porter on Vimeo.

Here’s aSPiral’s Demo. We put it online for today to share for the holidays. Tomorrow it’ll be gone from the web and back available on our DVD. Check it out and grab your DVD set here:

Battle of the Year 2010

What?!?!? Damn!!!! This is the sickest breakdance video I have ever seen and I make a point of watching breakdance videos. Oh…. It’s Yak Films, that makes sense. They’re right around the corner in Oakland and producing the sickest dance videos ever produced. This video is no exception. And the track is by Kraddy which is always a plus.

Cyrille – Melting Poi

This is up there as one of the sickest most technically advanced spinning videos that I have ever seen. The complexity of the subtleties are mind blowing. Cyrille first melted my mind the first time I saw him spin at the Flow Show two years ago. His piece was one of the best choreographed spinning pieces i have seen even to this day. The video is 12:00 minutes and he’s innovating in every second. Jaw dropping. I have chills.

“Gotta Hoop” Short film by Philo

Philo posted this vid less than a week ago and it’s already over 11,000 hits. Wow. The video is entertaining and beautifully shot.

Brecken killin it.

Damn yo. Girl just doesn’t stop. This video is sick. I mean seriously?! I’ve seen her workin on this stuff but the flow here. I’m luck to live in the Bay Area. I just finished editing her DVD interview. It’s priceless.

New York Vice Versus Hoopers

Terrific video on the New York hoop scene. Is that SaFire at 2:45?

Pendulum Poi

My morning inspiration…

Try it with hoops.


This is a very nicely done video with some sweet moves. I love the rolling at the beginning and the isolation rolling on the back of the hand at 2:16. There is tons of cool original movement here and it’s edited well to boot.

Wednesday before Hoop Camp 2010