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Palmer Trike rebuild and Maker’s Faire

Visiting the Maker’s Faire and chatting with electric vehicle builders taught me a quite a bit about my Palmer build and confirmed some of what I have been reading.

First, the transmission on the trike should go. The maximum torque of an electric motor is reached instantly and stays at that level for the majority of its operating speed range. A transmission is needed for gas motors since the torque varies at different RPM. In order to run an engine efficiently, you need to keep it running in certain RPM range. So when your starting movement, it needs to be geared down so that the engine can rev more for the low speed. Most electric vehicles don’t have a transmission because you get just as much power at a low speed as you do at top speed. With the old drive train on the palmer, I was always a bit surprised that when I tried to downshift going up a hill, it didn’t seem to change our speed at all. That makes sense given this information. So the transmission is getting dropped. That leaves more room for batteries.

the Official Dudes of Hooping Calendar

Help build the SpinCycle by purchasing The Official Dudes of Hooping Calendar.

Two ways to contribute:

  1. Donate.
  2. Buy a calendar!

Presale has now started!  Calendars will be shipping in early June.

Thank you to all the contributors helping make the first DOH calendar happen! All procedes go to funding the SpinCycle.


We would love for you to resell the calendar. Purchase a dozen or more and get a $10/calendar discount. For resale purchases go here.

About the fundraiser

Every year Spin Cycle builds the one of the largest shaded spaces on the playa and dedicates that space to hooping and music. It’s a massive undertaking for the hooping community and we spend about $10,000 to make it happen. That’s been funded primarily through camp dues and by camp organizers. In addition to the expenses we incur each year, we bring nearly $30,000 of equipment to the playa, most is volunteered personal property of our team. For the first time we’re asking the community for support in order to provide a more sustainable energy supply for the music that fuels this hooping space.

Our greatest need is power; we’ve exceded our generator capacity. Sound systems draw a lot of energy and the amount or power used fluctuates quickly, presenting a unique challenge for a generator. Large sound camps run multi kilowatt diesel trailers to power them. Day and night we play music for the hoopers and running a generator is loud, expensive, and creates pollution. Rather than increase our investment in gasoline powered electricity, we’re shifting to a solar power system.

Solar systems are expensive. We’re currently working with a solar expert to design a mobile solar system that is modular. Our hope is to purchase part of the system this year to supplement our existing generator, and complete the system next year. The total system cost is looking to run somewhere between $8000 & $10,0000 and about $6000 of that needs purchased this year. (We’ll have detailed specifications being completed right now and will have that info soon.)

We’re planning on raising this in two ways: soliciting donations and “The Official Dudes of Hooping Calendar.”

More Info on the Calendar coming Soon!
We’ve already signed up an amazing line up of male hoopers to get this thing rolling! More info coming soon!

When not on the playa, we’re expecting this solar system to be powering other festivals throughout California. Any procedes generated will be reinvested in the Spin Cycle and our events for hoopers at Burning Man.

Donate to Spin Cycle Solar

The Spin Cycle 2012 – Burning Man

The Fertile Desert from roy two thousand on Vimeo.

I can’t be more excited to announce that The Spin Cycle will be happening again this year. The ticket situations means this will be a different sort of a year but we’ll be doin it up like we do.

We’ll be looking to have new invite new faces to camp this year. Since so many weren’t able to get tickets, we’d love to have newbies step in and step up. Send me an email if you’d like joining us this year, rich at

Video by a briliant musician and friend, Roy 2000.


The Lottery (Everyone Will Burn Someday) – NEWMIX!

What to do? Burning Man 2012 Tickets

Oh the places we’ll go… because we can’t all go to Burning Man.

Well said by Halcyon.

Just for the record… I’m not really sweating the Burning Man ticket situation. I’m fascinated by it.

I love Burning Man. It makes sense why the lottery was implemented. When the announcement was made that the lottery was going to happen, there was some grumbling but NO ONE expected it to go down like this. It seemed like a good attempt to solve the ticket shortage. Seems to be turning out that it wasn’t a good solution. Now we have to make the best of the situation.

I started the survey on Isopop so i could have more info. I want to know if I realistically will be able to get tickets for The Spin Cycle build crew. We’ve already started planning and some work to prep for next year. Should I put the breaks on that? We don’t have any tickets yet for the build crew of 10.

I’m confident that with some determination I can find a ticket for myself. But their is a team of people that need to be there in order for us to execute nearly a week of build and break, before and after the burn.

Given the current stats, it’s not looking super promising that we’ll get all the tickets we need. I’m going to give it through the March sale to make any decisions about attending this year. For the time being, I’m halting financial investment in this years burn.

That’s sorta liberating. I love setting up The Spin Cycle. It’s amazing and I hope it happens. It’s also a lot of work. We might have a year off… a year to devote that energy somewhere else.

I don’t think that all that many tickets went to scalpers. I think there is likely a massive influx of new participants. My challenge to them is to PARTICIPATE!! I’m thinking virgins are supplanting a massive swath of seasoned burners. It’ll be a different Burn and that’s cool, as long as the virgins own this, realize the opportunity they have, and step it up.

If this is your first year at Burning Man, create an art car, organize a camp, and definitely contact theme camp organizers.

Theme camps need fresh blood to fill the holes. If Theme Camp organizers get a flood of emails of newbie volunteers offering to fill the necessary roles, it’s all gonna happen nicely. Theme camps are in trouble without your support. If organizers get dozens of emails from people offering to show up early, rent a moving vans, hoist structures in the air, and do all that’s needed to build a camp… that will put the wind in the sails of all the theme camps. that’ll show that this year is still possible for all the theme camps.

Just my two cents.

Please fill out the Survey if you haven’t yet:


results so far..

Well that’s a pretty resounding WTF.

Burning Man Ticket Survey

This is a quick independent survey about tickets for Burning Man in 2012. There are only four multiple choice questions in the survey total.

After years of organizing The Spin Cycle Camp, I did not receive a ticket in the 2012 lottery system. Grant and the others who build our camp didn’t receive one of the first 40,000 tickets either. In fact, so far I’ve only heard of a handful of people who received tickets out of the 100 people who camped with us last year. This survey is really just for my own curiosity. I’ll post results here and on Facebook.

Detailed Real-Time Survey Results
(Go to Form>Show Summary of Responses for graphs)

Here is a formatted PDF of results, as of 1:00 on Tuesday February 2nd, 2012.

I’ll be updating the PDF in the next day.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go at Burning Man!

Made me tear up. This was shot by Teddy Saunders who’s associated with the Firegroove folks.

The Spin Cycle Jam 2011

The Hooping Life Playing Cards

I actually haven’t even seen these yet but I’m excited to get a set. Apparently I’m the King of Spades. Hah. I’m such a dark character! Ahhhh haaa haaa ha!!! jk :)

As far as I know Philo is the Jack of Diamonds, Khan is the Jack of Hearts, Spiral is the Queen of Spades, Michelle Clark is the 7 of Clubs, Kamala Mathis is the 9 of Hearts, Deanne Love is 7 of Hearts and I have no inside info on this but I’d bet just about anything that Stefan is one of Jokers if not both. I can’t wait to see them all!

Order yours here.