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Rich Porter is an established innovator in the ever-evolving genre of hoopdance. With a degree in architecture from the acclaimed program at Calpoly, Rich is known for his original approach to plotting the hoop’s path through space, sometimes creating graphic “blueprints” that map the hoop’s trajectory. His dynamic style encompasses crisp, geometrical movements that punctuate and provide contrast to fluid, high-speed motion.

Rich discovered hooping in 2007 through his wife Lauren, who had witnessed the artform in the underground clubs of LA. In the beautiful central coast of California, in San Luis Obispo, the two of them befriended a close group of friends drawn together by the art of spinning. Rich and Lauren, together with Chris Williams, Laurie Hobbs, Grant Leonard, Melissa Wren, and Josh Parker, became Fluid Luminescence, the area’s only fire arts performance group.

After an intense year of honing his skills in the fertile environment of the multidisciplinary group of spinners (staff, poi, and hoop artists), Rich began to develop his own unique style influenced by the emphasis on technical skills and theory of staff and poi, as well as his own background in architecture and graphic design.

At the end of 2008, the couple moved to San Francisco, where Rich’s influences widened to include national and international spinning communities. It was there that was born, named after one of his signature moves. Isopop style quickly became reknowned as a new approach to hooping, winning Rich thousands of followers a month (via, FaceBook and Twitter), as well as a nomination for Best Male Hooper of 2008 by the international hooping community’s hub, He has become a sought-after instructor, and has taught at the NorthWest Hoop Gathering, Hoop Convergence, HoopCamp, and World Hooping Day, as well as in private workshops.

Rich continues to draw inspiration from technical moves of the poi and staff communities, as well as from fire fans, double staff, and buugeng. In 2009 Rich began performing, acquiring stage skills and bringing awareness to his body positioning and sightlines. His focus on technical skills and the conscious use of space have changed the course of hooping as an artform.

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