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Burning Man Ticket Survey

This is a quick independent survey about tickets for Burning Man in 2012. There are only four multiple choice questions in the survey total.

After years of organizing The Spin Cycle Camp, I did not receive a ticket in the 2012 lottery system. Grant and the others who build our camp didn’t receive one of the first 40,000 tickets either. In fact, so far I’ve only heard of a handful of people who received tickets out of the 100 people who camped with us last year. This survey is really just for my own curiosity. I’ll post results here and on Facebook.

Detailed Real-Time Survey Results
(Go to Form>Show Summary of Responses for graphs)

Here is a formatted PDF of results, as of 1:00 on Tuesday February 2nd, 2012.

I’ll be updating the PDF in the next day.

Facebook comments:

  • anon_burner

    A suggestion: can you consider asking also on your survey:
    1) how many tickets did you order (total),
    2) did you get family/friends/etc to order tickets for you? How many?
    3) how many did you actually get?
    4) what state, province (in canada) or country are you from?

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  • marilynb

    When there is such a successful event as this has become, organizers go to another zone of existence,  another time space continuum,  filled with so much $$$ that their whole orientation is greatly distorted.  Too much power, money, and control…..all make for a
    total dislocation of reasoning and thought.  Basically,  their good sense (if there was really
    any in the first place) departs,  to be replaced with vacancy and not much concern for their

  • Peter Smith

    I have a feeling this year’s burn may be… disappointing, in terms of expectations based on previous burns.  This ticket problem may force many of the older hardcore burners to take a break for a year, and in so doing the burn might just be a little different.  I sincerely hope this issue is resolved so that maybe there are extra tickets released this year…?  Instead of 10k more, maybe try and raise the permit to allow an extra 10k, so 20k more in total?  They fix this problem so that it doesn’t happen again next year.  No paper tickets?  You buy online and get them at the gate?  Majority sold that way, the rest in paper?  First 30k non-transferable, will-call style?  Longer entrance time, but I can handle that.

  • Peter Smith

    Maybe next year they sell all their tickets electronically, and they are non-transferable unless you purchase them from the original owner through the BM website for the original price?  Need to sell a ticket, you post it on the website, and there’s a waiting list to buy the next available ticket.  Or if you wish to sell your ticket directly to a friend, then you can do that as well, but only through the site.  All ticket owners have a registration number that they provide at the gate for quick and easy input/scanning, no will-call detour.

  • Juicy from red rooster ranch

    How about selling them for the next year at this years event, a special kiosk at center camp, (I WOULD WORK IT TO AVOID HAVING MY FRIENDS have to go through this crap) you have your stub with the bar code on it, you put in the bar code numberand register for next year with that bar code number, one bar code equals one ticket, we all know who will be coming back the following year. (Gee, this would eliminate the scalpers, like they say they want to…. hmmm??!!)  OR Anyone with last years ticket stub bar code gets priorty on tickets.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve worked extensively with the BM board on there new HQ. i can tell you unequivocally that they are not cashing in on this at all. I can also say without hesitation that they all have their hearts in the right place and their overarching goal is to make Burning Man an event that will continue long after they are gone.

    These organizers haven’t at all gone to “another zone of existence”. They’re very real and down at BM HQ if you ever get a chance to volunteer.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not to say the lottery was a good idea. No one saw this coming though. It’s unfortunate that this is how this has turned out and I’m sure the board is scrambling. There’s no undoing it now though.

  • Anonymous

    We could start another survey but I don’t want to change this one now.

  • Peter Smith

    Wow, I saw this coming a mile away.  I sincerely hope the people in charge of BM saw this coming to some degree too.  I mean its one thing to see it coming, and not have a good solution to handle it, its another thing to be blind to this coming.  I mean last year was the first year it sold out… the first reaction of almost every burner is to now try and get their ticket early, instead of waiting… no one wants to be sitting there without a ticket again.  On top of that, last year turned to be a fruitful year for scalpers, and any smart scalper could see that this next year would only be better in that respect.  The writing was all over the wall.

  • fairysong7

    I am not too sure this can stop some scalpers, people can still sell their 2 tickets for exorbitant prices – what is going to stop that?????  Do not like the lottery – period….

  • Penguin_fromantartica

    I don’t think most people would have that kind of money available at the event.

  • Lstormfeather

    It only asked me three questions. It didn’t ask me if I’d been before….
    must be brokey….

  • Wraith

    That’s the frustrating part. People -did- see this sort of failuure coming, and they talked about it quite a lot on the eplaya boards, as soon as the lottery was announced.