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The Glitch Mob – We Can Make The World Stop – Review

I received an email this morning announcing the new Glitch Mob EP. I’m a huge Glitch Mob fan and rushed to purchase it. It feels sacrilege to say it but the new EP, We Can Make The World Stop, disappointed across the board.

The title track sounds like it is off Drive It Like You Stole It. I actually went through the last album trying to figure out if it was a remix of an older track. It’s right up the alley of Fistful of Silence, and I’ve heard a remix of Drive It Like You Stole it that sounds almost identical to the new track. Overall the track is fine but unimpressive.

Warrior Concerto?… meh. Sounds like TGM’s ego has lead them to thinking they’re “Warrior” classical musicians. Fail. It’s better than the first track, barely. It’s formulaic and others have done it better. Even the TGM touch didn’t make it win.

Finally we get to “Palace of Innocence”. I like the direction this one is going but I’m still pretty blazé about it.

Overall the EP is laced with old riffs and tricks while lacking the danceability of previous albums. I bought the new only EP 30 minutes ago and now I’m gonna go put Certified Air Raid Material back on.

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