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Vulcan Tech Blog #6: Throw Blog

I’m so glad to see this out. Another installation of tech from the Vulcan. I’m in the video at about 5:00.

Everything must be thrown! Another fine Tech Blog from the Vulcan with guest appearances by Chris Garcia, Kyle Johnson, Rich Porter and Memory.


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  • Jessica Wagstrom

    Ok, you’ve convinced me to just subscribe to this channel. :) This video reminded me once again of how much I’d really like to learn staff. Also, this one included a mash up of one of my favorite songs, I really dug it! I was smiling ear to ear by the end. I have gained a huge appreciation for all sorts of flow toys this past year, ever since picking up the hoop, and I really appreciate that you discuss more than just hooping in your blog, since they’ve all got aspects and concepts that can be interchanged.

    I’ve been a little more absent from the Internet than I’d like to be the past few months, have you written anymore about performing vs. practicing?