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SF Workshops w/ Brecken, August 24th & 25th


Brecken is the shit. Hands down. I’m stoked that she’s coming to SF before we drag her out to the playa for her first burn. These workshops are a one time opportunity to learn from one of my favorite hooper’s. Be there :)

Purchase link is at the bottom of this page or email Brecken to reserve a spot:

When: Mon & Tues., August 24-25, 2000
8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. (1.5 hour + break and jam time)

Where: The Margaret Jenkins Dance LAB
301 – 8th Street, 2nd Floor, Studio 200
San Francisco, CA 94103

Monday: Bridging Planes

The first class is an exercise in broadening the range of planar possibilities and accentuating the ones of your choosing. Designed initially to uncover horizontal/vertical transitions, it utilizes a somewhat visual holistic approach in creating a personal terrain for exploration that subverts the rigidness of the plane mentality, but allows for use of those planes when technical elements are applied.

Tuesday: Poise & Finesse

We can direct our breath toward forming channels to create lines as …let’s call them “emotional highways” for promoting elongation, lightness, and torque when it comes to the hoop. Pulling in to isolation techniques, it’s another method for expanding the range of focus, pairing explosive movements with more intimate ones and making everybody jealous. Several of the exercises are inspired by modern dance (a.k.a. you tube), but applied to hooping over a few months of trial and error. Time permitting, I’d like to tie it into the methods of the previous class and initiate the baddest hoop jam ever did doned. Teehee.

Brecken add’s:

It’s gonna be the bee’s knees and I’m coming from Jersey, so be there, bitches!! Kidding. Just kidding. But seriously, it’ll be cool and I’m really excited to be there, so a tremendous thanks to Rich and Christabel for all their work. It wouldn’t have happened at all without them.

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Facebook comments:

  • jennaluna

    Hey Rich, I want to register for these, but the PayPal link isn’t working for me.

  • Ariane

    ok, i CANNOT resist this class. ditto the general feeling about Brecken’s awesomeitude and propensity to inspiring blatant adoration from all.
    even though I have another 3 chapters due between this wed (upon which the first 3 chapters are due) and next wednesday, putting these classes in perilous reach of Impossibility… I just reserved my spot. (paypal worked perfect for me!)
    i hope-intend to make it.